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 Needle Felting Instructions

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PostSubject: Needle Felting Instructions   Needle Felting Instructions Icon_minitimeSat May 31, 2014 6:00 am

Beginner needle felting instructions are easy to follow with some simple tips and tricks. The most important instruction is to watch your fingers!
Basic Felting Tools
Felting needles are a must. While there are several gauges available for felting needles, start with a 38 star, the most commonly used needle.
The next item that you will need is a piece of foam, about two inches thick. The foam will keep the surface underneath your project from being punctured by needles. The foam will also help prevent you from breaking your needles. You can find foam at your local arts and crafts store.
You will also need to buy clean and carded wool.
How to Felt a Flat Flower
You will need red and green carded wool for this project.
Draw a template of a simple flower, such as a daisy, on a piece of paper. Make sure that the template is at least three inches wide. You may find it difficult to work with a smaller pattern as a beginner. Cut the template out and set aside.
Tear a piece of red wool that is about inch thick and about inch larger on all sides than your flower template. Place the wool on the foam.
You can now begin poking with your felting needle. There are some secrets to felting. Always poke up and down (not at an angle) to keep your needle from breaking. You also don't need to "bottom out" on your foam. Only poke in about inch.
Take your needle and poke the wool a few times so that it "sticks" to the foam. Place your template on top of the wool and pin in place with straight pins. Poke the wool around the template. The wool will "shrink" or compress as you work with it. When the wool has come close to the edges of your template, unpin the template and take it off of the wool.
Now you just have to continue to poke until all of the wool is compressed and smooth. If you have any stray wool, pull it inside and poke away to add to the flower.
Add a circle of green wool to the center of the flower and poke it. Remember that the circle will shrink as you work it. Use your needle to turn the wool under the edges to create a cleaner circle. Like the flower, the wool in the circle should be smooth and tight when you are done.
To finish your flower, turn it over and poke any fuzzy pieces back into the wool. Rotate and work until the flower is smooth.
Needle Felting Kits
If you want to get aggressive as a beginner, look at needle felting kits. Most needle felting kits contain everything that you need, including needles and instructions. If you want a jump start to making soft bears or raccoons, this may be the way to go.
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Needle Felting Instructions
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